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Salesforce CPQ-201問題集



試験名称:Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators Exam



問題と解答:245 Q&As

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無料問題集CPQ-201 資格取得

質問 1:
Universal Containers (UC) wants to use an Option Constraint in a bundle that requires a user to sell Product Option X before they can sell Product Option Y.
Sales has indicated that this would be too restrictive, and they want to be able to select Product Option Y as long as Product Option X is an existing asset on the account. UC has approved this change. What should the Admin do to address this change?
A. Mark the "Check Prior Purchases" checkbox as TRUE.
B. Look up the account with the assets on the "Account" field.
C. Use a Product Rule instead of an Option Constraint.
D. List accounts with assets in the "Option Constraint Group" field.

質問 2:
"Universal Containers has a bundle configured and wants to add user selectable products to the configuration that will affect the bundle price. How should the CPQ Admin configure the bundle?
Choose one answer
A. Add a Price Rule.
B. As a Product Option.
C. As a Product Feature.
D. Add a Product Rule."

質問 3:
Universal Containers wants to apply an additional discount of 15% to the Quote when Payment Frequency is Monthly or Bi-Weekly and Product A is added or User Count greater than 25 is defined. What is the correct Price Rule Setup?
A. One Price Rule with Conditions Met set to All, four Price Conditions, and one Price Action.
B. One Price Rule with Conditions Met set to Custom, three Price Conditions, and one Price Action.
C. Four Price Rules with Conditions Met set to All, one Price Condition each and one Price Action each.
D. Two Price Rules with Conditions Met set to All, one Price Condition on one rule and two on the other, and one Price Action each.

質問 4:
When selecting Product Option A inside a bundle, Universal Containers has a requirement that Product Option B's Quantity should be updated in real time. Apply Immediately has been set on Product Option A.
Which settings should be used on the Price Rule to meet these requirements?
A. Evaluation Scope = Configurator
Configurator Evaluation Event = Save
B. Evaluation Scope = Configurator
Configurator Evaluation Event = Edit
C. Evaluation Scope = Calculator
Calculator Evaluation Event = Edit
D. Evaluation Scope = Calculator
Calculator Evaluation Event = Save

質問 5:
Universal Containers wants its premier service, Shipping Plus, to appear at the top of Product Selection when users add Products to the Quote.
How can the Admin Configure the Shipping Plus Product record to meet this requirement?
A. Set the Sort Order as the lowest numerical value of any Product's Sort Order.
B. Set the Product Code as the first alphabetically of any Product's Product Code.
C. Set the Product's Product Code as the only null Product Code of any Product.
D. Set the Product's Sort Order as the only null Sort Order of any Product.

質問 6:
The sales operations team at Universal Containers used the Create Order button to generate an Order with only half of the available Quote Lines and then the team selects the Ordered checkbox.
What updates should the sales operations team expect?
A. The existing Order is updated with the remaining Quote Lines.
B. A second Order is generated with the remaining Quote Lines.
C. An error is thrown informing the user an order already exists.
D. An Order without Order Products is created.

質問 7:
Universal Containers would like to show the Monthly price column on the Quote Document if the quote has payment terms of Net 30. Which two configurations are needed to satisfy this requirement?

質問 8:
While making changes in the Quote Line Editor, sales reps have mentioned that clicking the Calculate button after each set of changes is too slow. Management has asked the Admin to Streamline the Quote Line Editor so calculations occur automatically after each change is made.
Which Managed Package setting should the Admin enable to meet this requirement?
A. Use Legacy Calculator
B. Calculate Immediately
C. Enable Quick Calculate
D. Use Inactive Prices

質問 9:
Universal Containers (UC) has products that will only be utilized as Product options inside five different bundle products. When a user adds products to the Quote line Editor, UC wants:
*Bundle products to show in the Product Selection page.
*Products that are Product Options of the bundles to be excluded from the product selection page.
How should the Admin set up the bundles?
A. Select the Hidden checkbox for any Product that is a Product Option for the bundles.
B. Select the bundled checkbox on each Product Option and mark the Product inactive.
C. Select the component checkbox on any Product that is a Product Option for the bundles.
D. Select the selected checkbox on each Product Option and mark the Product inactive.


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