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Veritas VCS-322問題集



試験名称:Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x



問題と解答:175 Q&As

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無料問題集VCS-322 資格取得

質問 1:
A customer requires different retention categories for items in users' mailbox folders. Which two options could an administrator use to assign different retention categories to items in the specified folders? (Select two.)
A. Exchange Managed folders
B. Enterprise Vault Policy Manager
C. Enterprise Vault Desktop policy
D. Enterprise Vault Archive settings
E. Exchange Mailbox policy

質問 2:
Which two options can an administrator use to assign retention? (Select two.)
A. Mailbox Policies
B. Archive Properties
C. Classification
D. Provisioning Groups
E. Desktop Policies

質問 3:
A Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange (EV) administrator is performing an EV disaster recovery. The administrator has successfully restored the EV Directory database. Which additional components must be recovered to the same point in time to ensure a successful recovery?
A. Fingerprint database, Vault Store partition table, Vault Store database(s), and Indexes
B. Fingerprint database, Exchange Transaction Logs, Vault Store Partition(s), and Indexes
C. Fingerprint database, Vault Store database(s), Indexes, and Vault Store Partition(s)
D. Vault Store database, Server Cache location, Indexes, and Vault Store Partition(s)

質問 4:
Which two configurations are valid options for Microsoft Clustering in an Enterprise Vault environment? (Select two.)
A. Active/Passive
B. Active/Active
C. N+1 (Hot Standby)
D. Failover with fault tolerance
E. Failover with replica

質問 5:
Enable recovery of user deleted items is enabled for an Enterprise Vault site and permanent deletion is set to the default of 14 days.
Which two statements apply for the first 14 days after a user deletes an item? (Select two.)
A. the item appears in searches
B. a shortcut for the item works
C. the item contributes to archive quota usage
D. the item is available through browsing
E. the item is recoverable together with other deleted items

質問 6:
A user is attempting to use Enterprise Vault Search but receives the following error message:

Which Enterprise Vault service needs to be started.
A. Indexing Service
B. SMTP Service
C. Task Controller Service
D. Storage Service

質問 7:
An administrator wants to create a new Vault Store Group to contain Vault Stores from a number of Enterprise Vault Servers. The administrator plans to configure all of the Vault Stores to have a sharing level of 'Share in group'.
Which factor does the administrator need to consider prior to making this change?
A. the Operating System versions of the Enterprise Vault servers that host the Vault Stores
B. the major versions of the Enterprise Vault software on the servers that host the Vault Stores
C. the number of CPU's and their clock speeds on the Enterprise Vault servers that host the Vault Stores
D. the network connectivity between Enterprise Vault servers that host the Vault Stores

質問 8:
Where is an item temporarily stored when Outlook Web Access users open the archived item?
A. in a temporary folder on the user's computer
B. in the TEMP directory on the Enterprise Vault Server
C. in the user's mailbox, in the Restored Items folder.
D. in the user's mailbox, in the Deleted Items folder

質問 9:
The mailbox archiving report shows that users that share a common archiving policy have a higher than expected number of items in the 'Items ineligible under policy' column and a lower than expected number of items in the 'Items archived' column.
Which situation explains the results?
A. the IPM.Note* message class has been deselected in the policy's Message Classes tab
B. the Archiving Task schedule window is too short to capture all eligible items
C. the users have moved most of the eligible messages to local PST files
D. the "Archive draft items" and "Archive deleted items" policy settings have been set to On


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