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Juniper JN0-1361問題集



試験名称:Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP)



問題と解答:65 Q&As

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無料問題集JN0-1361 資格取得

質問 1:
You are asked to design a DDoS prevention system to help mitigate denial-of-service attacks that target your customers. The management group wants to know the effect remote triggered black holes may have on current network operations if they are implemented as a solution.
Which three statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose three )
A. RTBH can detect the origin of an attack, regardless of NAT technologies.
B. RTBH can block all traffic based on the destination of an attack
C. RTBH can block all traffic based on the source of an attack.
D. RTBH can automatically deled denial-of-service attacks and block traffic destined to the target.
E. RTBH can block legitimate user traffic in the network.

質問 2:
Your client asked you to design a solution with the requirements shown below.
- Have better traffic engineering for applications across an existing MPLS core.
- Support both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
- Work with an MX Series core.
- Work with a North Star Controller
- Work with existing IGP (ISIS)
Which feature would you recommend be implemented in this solution?
A. CoS-based forwarding
B. zero touch provisioning
C. segment routing
D. opaque area LSAs

質問 3:
You have a service provider customer that wants to offer services in a new market. They need to have a lower cost-of-entry broadcast network gateway.
Which product would satisfy this requirement?
A. vSRX with the appropriate licenses
B. vMX with the appropriate licenses
C. uCPE with the appropriate licenses
D. vCPE with the appropriate licenses

質問 4:
Your applications are migrating from a legacy data center to an EVPN over a VXLAN-based VM environment. A few critical legacy applications not support this environment and must remain on bare metal servers and the applications must be able to access the Internet.
What must be included in the VXLAN design to satisfy these requirements?
B. VXLAN gateway
C. VTEP tunneling
D. nested VM capability
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質問 5:
You are designing an EVPN data center solution with VXLAN.
Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two )
A. The original MAC address is advertised to remote PEs.
B. The original MAC address is encapsulated within the VXLAN frame.
C. The original MAC address is replaced by a VXLAN VNI.
D. The original MAC address is prepended to a VXLAN VNI.


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