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Huawei H11-828-ENU問題集



試験名称:HCIP-UC(Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Unified Communications)



問題と解答:235 Q&As

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無料問題集H11-828-ENU 資格取得

質問 1:
In a multi-node centralized network, to ensure that users on branch nodes can still place outgoing calls even if the primary node is faulty, the ( ) license needs to be loaded on each branch node.
A. Local regeneration
B. Disaster recovery
C. Multi-party conference
D. Standard

質問 2:
On the unified gateway IP address management page on the Console server, the connection status between the voice server and the Console server is disconnected.
Which of the following troubleshooting methods is unnecessary?
A. Check whether the AppAgent IP address is correctly configured on the Console server.
B. Check whether the voice server license has expired or does not meet specifications.
C. Check whether the Console server IP address is configured on the voice server.
D. Check whether the voice server IP address is correctly configured on the Console server.

質問 3:
On a U1900 series unified gateway, which of the following parameters specifies the outgoing call permission of incoming calls that are routed through a trunk?
A. Outgoing call permission of the trunk
B. Outgoing call prefix permission
C. Outgoing call permission of the VU prefix
D. Intra-office call prefix permission

質問 4:
About eSpace Desktop, which of the following statements are CORRECT? (Multiple Choice)
A. eSpace Desktop connects to the eServer to provide functions (such as instant messaging, profile picture and signaling setting, status presence, instant group messaging, and file transfer) for users.
B. After an eSpace Desktop is linked to an IP phone, the eSpace Desktop is selected as the primary device for calls.
C. eSpace Desktop connects to the BMU to provide self-services for users.
D. An eSpace Desktop can be bound to multiple hard terminals, including POTS phones, IP phones, and mobile phones.

質問 5:
An enterprise has two U1981s working in active/standby mode for discover recovery, and the following commands are executed on the standby device:
config modify switch waittime 10
start autoswitch time <02:00:00>
One morning, the active device was faulty at 09:00, and recovered at 10:00. At this time, (). (Multiple Choice)
A. Data generated during the period when the standby node took over services was not automatically synchronized to the primary node after the services were switched back to the primary node.
B. Services were switched back to the active device after the execute manualswitch command was executed on the active device.
C. Services were automatically switched back to the active device immediately.
D. If no operations were performed, at 09:00 next morning, the active device was processing all services.

質問 6:
In a multi-node centralized call management network, if an AR router is configured as the local node, the configuration on the AR does not include ().
A. Configure basic data such as service mode and interface IP address.
B. Configure the prefix.
C. Configure local regeneration.
D. Configure SIP users on the local node.

質問 7:
A group customer deploys two U1981s in active/standby disaster recovery (DR) mode and deploys a U1960 in both branch A and branch B as the local gateway. One day, due to the carrier network fault, the U1960 in branch A cannot detect the heartbeat of the active and standby U1981S, but the heartbeat connection between the U1960 in branch B and the active and standby U1981s is normal.
In this scenario, which of the following statements is CORRECT?
A. Remote disaster recovery (DR) will be triggered.
B. Local regeneration occurs on the U1960 in branch B.
C. Local regeneration occurs on the U1960 in branch A.
D. Nothing will happen.

質問 8:
In a multi-node centralized network, the status of analog users of the local node is normally displayed as ( ) on the local node.
A. fault
B. idle
C. busy


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