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Citrix 1Y0-440問題集



試験名称:Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution



問題と解答:63 Q&As

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質問 1:
Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to design a hybrid XenApp and XenDesktop environment which will include as well as resource locations in an on-premises datacenter and Microsoft Azure.
Organizational details and requirements are as follows:
* Active XenApp and XenDesktop Service subscription
* No existing NetScaler deployment
* Minimization of additional costs
* All users should correct directly to the resource locations containing the servers which will host HDX sessions Click the Exhibit button to view the conceptual environment architecture.

The architect should use___________ in Location A, and should use _______________ in Location B.
(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. No NetScaler products; NetScaler ICA Proxy (cloud-licensed)
B. NetScaler Gateway as a Service; NetScaler ICA Proxy (cloud-licensed)
C. No NetScaler products; NetScaler Gateway appliance
D. NetScaler Gateway as a Service; no NetScaler products
E. NetScaler gateway as a Service; NetScaler ADC (BYO)

質問 2:
Which markup language can a Citrix use along with NITRO API to create a StyleBook?

質問 3:
Scenario: A Citrix Architect and a team of Workspacelab members have met for a design discussion about the NetScaler Design Project. They captured the following requirements:
* Two pairs of NetScaler MPX appliances will be deployed in the DMZ network and the internal network.
* High availability will be accessible between the pair of NetScaler MPX appliances in the DMZ network.
* Multi-factor authentication must be configured for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
* The NetScaler Gateway virtual server is integrated with XenApp/XenDesktop environment.
* Load balancing must be deployed for the users from the and domains.
* The logon page must show the workspacelab logo.
* Certificate verification must be performed to identify and extract the username.
* The client certificate must have UserPrincipalName as a subject.
* All the managed workstations for the workspace users must have a client identifications certificate installed on it.
* The workspacelab users connecting from a managed workstation with a client certificate on it should be authenticated using LDAP.
* The workspacelab users connecting from a workstation without a client certificate should be authenticated using LDAP and RADIUS.
* The vendorlab users should be authenticated using Active Directory Federation Service.
* The user credentials must NOT be shared between workspacelab and vendorlab.
* Single Sign-on must be performed between StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway.
* A domain drop down list must be provided if the user connects to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server externally.
* The domain of the user connecting externally must be identified using the domain selected from the domain drop down list.
On performing the deployment, the architect observes that users are always prompted with two-factor authentication when trying to assess externally from an unmanaged workstation.
Click the exhibit button to view the configuration.

What should the architect do to correct this configuration?
A. Bind the LoginSchema Policy Domaindropdown to priority 90.
B. Unbind LoginSchema Policy LDAP_RADIUS from the virtual server.
C. Bind the Portal theme as Domaindropdown.
D. Bind the Default LoginSchema Policy as Domaindropdown.

質問 4:
Which NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) utility can a Citrix Architect utilize to verify the configuration template created by the NMAS StyleBook, before actually executing it on the NetScaler?
B. configpack
C. Dry Run
D. configcheck

質問 5:
Scenario: The following NetScaler environment requirements were discussed during a design meeting between a Citrix Architect and the Workspacelab team:
* All traffic should be secured, and any traffic coming into HTTP should be redirected to HTTPS.
* Single Sign-on should be created for Microsoft Outlook web access (OWA).
* NetScaler should recognize Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and close the session to NetScaler when users hit the Logoff button in Microsoft Outlook web access.
* Users should be able to authenticate using user principal name (UPN).
* The Layer 7 monitor should be configured to monitor the Microsoft Outlook web access servers and the monitor probes must be sent on SSL.
Which method can the architect use to redirect the user accessing to
A. add responder action act redirect "" -responseStatusCode 302add responder policy pol HTTP.REQ.IS_VALID act
B. add lb server test SSL -persistenceType NONE -cltTimeout 180 -redirectFromPort
80 -httpsRedirectUrl
C. add responder action act redirect "\https://\ + HTTP REQ.HOSTNAME.HTTP_URL_SAFE + HTTP.REQ.URL_PATH_AND_QUERY.HTTP_URL_SAFE\n\n" -responseStatusCode 302 add responder policy pol HTTP.REQ.IS_VALID act
D. add lb server test SSL -persistenceType NONE -cltTimeout 180 -redirectFromPort
80 -httpsRedirectUrl


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