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MSP Foundation MSP-Foundation問題集



試験名称:MSP Foundation Exam (5th Edition)



問題と解答:77 Q&As

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無料問題集MSP-Foundation 資格取得

質問 1:
What role has a focus on designing benefit measures within a programme to track business performance against targets?
A. Programme Manager
B. Senior Responsible Owner
C. Business Change Manager
D. Benefits Realization Manager

質問 2:
Which is a feature of an effective programme organization?
A. Monitored and controlled programme changes
B. A business case agreed by the stakeholders
C. Clear accountability for each management role
D. A quality assured configuration management system

質問 3:
Which is NOT a reason for Managing the Tranches?
A. To implement the Risk Management Strategy
B. To coordinate and manage project delivery
C. To maintain information and asset integrity
D. To maintain focus on stable operations

質問 4:
Which describes an impact of a risk?
A. Possibility that something will go wrong
B. Effect on the programme if something goes wrong
C. An event that might increase a programme's outcome
D. The amount of risk that will be tolerated

質問 5:
Which of the following statements about successful stakeholder engagement are true?
1. It is more active and embracing than communication.
2. It includes stakeholders in decision making and implementation.
A. Neither 1 or 2 is true
B. Only 1 is true
C. Only 2 is true
D. Both 1 and 2 are true

質問 6:
Which is a trigger for a compliance programme?
A. The corporate board has created a vision for change
B. A number of stand-alone projects would benefit from better coordination
C. The organization has to change to meet requirements of new legislation
D. The organization chooses to take a new innovative approach to product development

質問 7:
Which of the following statements about the information management plan are true?
1. It describes the techniques to be used to maintain programme information
2. It sets out a timetable for establishing naming conventions
A. Neither 1 or 2 is true
B. Only 1 is true
C. Only 2 is true
D. Both 1 and 2 are true

質問 8:
Which transformational flow process provides the basis for deciding whether the programme can proceed?
A. Managing the Tranches
B. Delivering the Capability
C. Identifying a Programme
D. Defining a Programme


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