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Nokia BL0-100問題集



試験名称:Nokia Bell Labs 5G Foundation



問題と解答:40 Q&As

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無料問題集BL0-100 資格取得

質問 1:
Which of the following technologies drive 5G increased throughput capacity? (Choose three.)
A. Higher spectral efficiency
B. Multi-connectivity per User Equipment
C. MU-MIMO and beamforming
D. Network Slicing

質問 2:
Your manager started a brainstorming session during a meeting on how automation can be driven in the network. He asks what tools can be used to increase automated services in the network. What would you answer be?
A. We can write scripts that will be executed at certain times when a specific event happens and the service will be automated in this way.
B. We can create rule-based automation. We can also use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate all network services.
C. We can use big data. It is the main tool that should be used for network automation.
D. We need to find a software company that will write software to automate the network services.

質問 3:
Which of the following best defines what is meant by Network Slice isolation?
A. Transport + Cloud isolation
B. Resource + Security isolation
C. Security + Cloud isolation
D. Resource + Traffic isolation

質問 4:
You are working in a logistics company. Your manager is telling you that automation is very important to create more opportunities for the company. His idea is to deliver parcels using drones. With this in mind, he asks you if a 4G network provides good connectivity for controlling the delivery drones. How would you answer him and why?
A. No, a 4G network cannot deliver the required connectivity. It is not able to guarantee the latency and reliability required for drone control.
B. No, a 4G network is not a good choice for drone control because big operators (with whom we cannot deal) mainly deliver it.
C. Yes, the drone control application can be hosted in the cloud and the 4G network can provide the speed needed to reach the application and control the drones.
D. Yes, 4G provides a connectivity network but, it is quite expensive. WIFI may be a preferable option.


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