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Blue Prism AIE02問題集



試験名称:Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment



問題と解答:46 Q&As

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無料問題集AIE02 資格取得

質問 1:
When configuring multiple Application Servers for a single Blue Prism environment what must be considered? (Select one.)
A. All application servers must be configured to enable schedules in order for scheduling to work correctly
B. Each Application Server must be configured with the same encryption schemes and identical key
C. Each Application Server must connect to a different database
D. The master application server must be turned on first

質問 2:
Which of the following reasons would prevent the Blue Prism Server service from being started? (Select four.)
A. If the BPServer.exe profile is not configured with the expected encryption schemes
B. If it can't find a BPServer.exe profile with the name that is expects
C. If the user that the server is attempting to use cannot access the Blue Prism database
D. If the server service has nothing to process (e.g. if there are no schedules configured)
E. There is a problem with the Blue Prism license key in the environment
F. If there are no Blue Prism devices configured to connect to the server service

質問 3:
What does the /SSLCert switch provide when starting a Runtime Resource? (Select two.)
A. When hosting Web Services on the Runtime Resources, the inbound connections will need to use HTTPS
B. Only users who have used a domain account to log onto the device can launch Blue Prism
C. It ensures that the Runtime Resource establishes a secure outbound connection with the Application Server or Database Server
D. It ensures that inbound connections on the listening port (default 8181) will be encrypted

質問 4:
Which of the following are valid steps to create a Blue Prism database? (Select two.)
A. Using a Blue Prism device, connect to the Blue Prism Application Server, use the in-product "Create Database" functionality
B. Using SQL Management Studio create a database, manually run the CreateScript provided by Blue Prism, then use in-product "Configure Database" functionality
C. Using a Blue Prism device, create a device database connection to connect to the server, use the in-product "Create Database" functionality
D. Using SQL Management Studio manually run the CreateScript provided by Blue Prism to generate to the database, then use the in-product "configure Database" functionality

質問 5:
Which of the following statements are true? (Select two.)
A. Only Work Queue Items associated with Work Queues that have been associated with an Encryption Scheme will be encrypted
B. Work Queue Items will be encrypted using the algorithm and key on the Encryption Scheme associated with the Work Queue
C. Work Queue items will be encrypted using the algorithm on the Encryption Scheme associated with the Work
D. All work queue items are automatically encrypted using the most cryptographically strong scheme that has been configured within the environment
E. Work Queue items cannot be encrypted
F. Queue and a key that is randomly generated when the Application Server restarts


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