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Esri EADA105問題集



試験名称:ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.5



問題と解答:80 Q&As

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無料問題集EADA105 資格取得

質問 1:
When adding a new layer to ArcMap, an ArcGIS user gets a Geographic Coordinate System Warning dialog box.
What should the user do to resolve this issue?
A. Project the layer to match the geographic coordinate system of all other layers in the data frame
B. Define the coordinate system of the layer to match the coordinate system of the data frame
C. Set a geographic transformation in the data frame properties
D. Check the Don't Warn Me Again check box on the dialog box

質問 2:
A GIS department using ArcMap has created a standard set of raster functions to apply to all aerial imagery. The standard set of functions can be applied to stand-alone raster datasets or to mosaic datasets.
Which workflow should be used to apply the standard set of raster functions used by the department?
A. Raster Dataset Properties > Add Function
B. Image Analysis Window > Apply Function Template
C. Image Analysis Window > Add Function
D. Raster Dataset Properties > Apply Function Template

質問 3:
An ArcGIS Pro user wants to add a high-resolution elevation layer as an elevation source to a scene.
How should the user accomplish this task?
A. In the Scene Properties, add a z-coordinate system
B. Add layer to the scene and add a custom elevation source in its Layer Properties
C. In the Project Options, enable vertical synchronization to the elevation layer
D. In the Scene Properties, add New Surface and add the elevation layer as an elevation source

質問 4:
An ArcGIS user receives a list that includes the following information:
* Parcel ID number
* Owner
* Acquisition date
* Assessed value
* Tax status
The ArcGIS user must use the list to create a relationship class to a parcels feature class.
Which geodatabase element should the user load the list into?
A. Table
B. Feature Class
C. Feature Dataset
D. Parcel Fabric

質問 5:
An ArcGIS user must share a map as a service to ArcGIS Online. The service must draw as fast as possible on a mobile device to provide fast display in the field.
Which option should the user select in the capabilities of the service?
A. Mobile access
B. Feature access
D. Tiled mapping

質問 6:
An ArcGIS analyst is working with a mosaic dataset created from Landsat imagery. The images are displayed in the mosaic dataset using a 7,4,3 band combination (Short-wave Infrared 2, Red, Green). The analyst needs to use the mosaic dataset to determine relative biomass in the area of interest.
Which raster function should be used?
A. Identify
B. Zonal Remap
D. Spectral Conversion

質問 7:
An ArcGIS Online user is beginning to work on a project that will involve multiple organizations. Each organization has its own ArcGIS Online subscription. The project requires that only the project team have access to the data, and any team member should be able to contribute to the project.
Which sharing option should the user select?
A. Group
B. Organization
C. Everyone
D. Organization and Group

質問 8:
A company is migrating all external data to a new server, which causes the data paths of several layers in a map document to break.
How should the data paths of the broken layers be repaired most efficiently?
A. Open ArcCatalog > Create new folder connection > Connect to data folder on new server
B. Open the map document > Right-click each layer with a broken data source > Properties > Set data source
C. Open the map document > Right-click each layer with a broken data source > Data > Repair data source
D. Open ArcCatalog > Right-click the map document > Set Data Source(s)


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