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SAP C-SEN-2005問題集



試験名称:SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Enable Now



問題と解答:109 Q&As

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無料問題集C-SEN-2005 資格取得

質問 1:
You have exported one translation file. You see that one bubble object that you want to translate is NOT on the file. What should you do to have it on the exported file? Choose the correct answer.
A. Activate the Interactive Mode option in the bubble properties.
B. Check the translate manually flag.
C. Deactivate the Show in Document option in the bubble properties.
D. Add "_Translate" to the end of the object name.

質問 2:
How can you provide a deeplink to published content? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. By defining the web server
B. By selecting content in the Project Explorer of the Manager and copying the URL in the address bar of the browser
C. By changing the view in the Manager from Without Tag to Published and copying the Start Link from selected content
D. By activating Show UID in the Producers

質問 3:
How can an end user with standard role Learner get access to assigned courses provided by the Manager? Note: There are 2 correct Answer to this question.
A. By accessing the Roles view of the Desktop Assistant
B. By using the Start link
C. By using a direct URL that includes the assignment ID of the course
D. By accessing the Learner view of the Manager

質問 4:
What should you consider when rolling out Desktop Assistant? Note: There are 3 correct Answer to this question.
A. Bandwidth and latency have to be tested on minimum requirements because slow electronic performance support will not be accepted.
B. The Desktop Assistant installation requires at least 20 GB of disk space on the end user machine.
C. The end user needs administration rights in Windows to run Desktop Assistant.
D. The Windows user profile size on the end user machine must meet the minimum requirements for caching purposes or the caching path needs to be changed.
E. Quality assurance and general responsibility need to be clarified prior to the go-live.

質問 5:
What is an advantage of using Object Visibility in book pages? Choose the correct answer.
A. To show more than one object with a single action
B. To fade in or out instead of only showing or hiding objects.
C. To display groups of objects.
D. To reduce the total number of actions that must be maintained

質問 6:
To localize a simulation project, what are the initial steps SAP recommends you do? Note: There are 2 correct Answer to this question.
A. Use re-recording.
B. Export author texts to XLIFF or Microsoft Word format.
C. Translate author texts manually.
D. Use automated re-recording.

質問 7:
The customer wants to offer Web Assistant content in several languages and wants to know whether it is necessary to create content in each language for the initial rollout. What would be the correct advice?
Choose the correct answer.
A. Web Assistant supports English content only.
B. It is not necessary if the customer starts with German as the content language. German content is shown as a fallback if there is no content available for a certain UI language.
C. It is not necessary if the customer starts with English as the content language. English content is shown as a fallback if there is no content available for a certain UI language.
D. It is necessary. The content must have the same language as the UI.

質問 8:
What are the benefits of using workflows? Note: There are 2 correct Answer to this question.
A. Workflows prevent standard authors from editing resources.
B. Workflows force all authoring roles to follow pre-defined object lifecycles.
C. Workflows allow complete automation of content production scenarios.
D. Workflows enable the author to proceed to the next content processing status without knowing the responsible contacts.

質問 9:
Which of the following parameters build a complete and valid Web Assistant context? Note: There are 3 correct Answer to this question.
A. Product name
B. Protocol
C. Framework ID
D. Product version
E. System


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