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Google Associate-Android-Developer問題集



試験名称:Google Developers Certification - Associate Android Developer (Kotlin and Java Exam)



問題と解答:125 Q&As

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質問 1:
By executing an allowMainThreadQueries() method to the room database builder RoomDatabase.Builder, we can:
A. set the database factory
B. handle database first time creation
C. disable the main thread query check for Room
D. handle database opening

質問 2:
Once your test has obtained a UiObject object, you can call the methods in the UiObject class to perform user interactions on the UI component represented by that object. You can specify such actions as: (Choose four.)
A. setText() : Sets the text in an editable field, after clearing the field's content. Conversely, the clearTextField() method clears the existing text in an editable field.
B. moveTo() : Move this object to arbitrary coordinates.
C. swipeUp() : Performs the swipe up action on the UiObject. Similarly, the swipeDown(), swipeLeft(), and swipeRight() methods perform corresponding actions.
D. touch() : Touch the center of the visible bounds of the UI element.
E. click() : Clicks the center of the visible bounds of the UI element.
F. dragTo() : Drags this object to arbitrary coordinates.

質問 3:
An example. In our ViewModelFactory (that implements ViewModelProvider.Factory) we have an instance of our Repository, named mRepository. Our ViewModel has such constructor:
class MyViewModel(private val mRepository: MyRepository) : ViewModel() ...
Next, in our ViewModelFactory create ViewModel method (overriden) looks like this:
override fun <T : ViewModel?> create(modelClass: Class<T>): T {
return try {
} catch (e: InstantiationException) {
throw RuntimeException("Cannot create an instance of $modelClass", e)
} catch (e: IllegalAccessException) {
throw RuntimeException("Cannot create an instance of $modelClass", e)
} catch (e: NoSuchMethodException) {
throw RuntimeException("Cannot create an instance of $modelClass", e)
} catch (e: InvocationTargetException) {
throw RuntimeException("Cannot create an instance of $modelClass", e)
What should we write instead of "//MISSED RETURN VALUE HERE"?
A. modelClass.getConstructor(
B. modelClass.getConstructor(
C. modelClass.getConstructor()

質問 4:
When your code execution reaches the breakpoint, Android Studio pauses execution of your app. You can then use the tools in the Debugger tab to identify the state of the app. With Step Into you can
A. evaluate an expression at the current execution point
B. advance to the next line outside the current method
C. examine the object tree for a variable, expand it in the Variables view. If the Variables view is not visible
D. continue running the app normally
E. advance to the first line inside a method call
F. advance to the next line in the code (without entering a method)

質問 5:
The Layout Inspector in Android Studio allows you to compare your app layout with design mockups, display a magnified or 3D view of your app, and examine details of its layout at runtime. When this is especially useful?
A. when your layout is built at runtime rather than entirely in XML and the layout is behaving unexpectedly.
B. when your layout is built entirely in XML rather than runtime and the layout is behaving expectedly.

質問 6:
Relative positioning is one of the basic building blocks of creating layouts in ConstraintLayout. Constraints allow you to position a given widget relative to another one. What constraints do not exist?
A. layout_constraintBaseline_toStartOf
B. layout_constraintBottom_toBottomOf
C. layout_constraintBaseline_toBaselineOf
D. layout_constraintStart_toEndOf
解説: (Pass4Test メンバーにのみ表示されます)

質問 7:
What do you want from Room when you create a DAO method and annotate it with @Update?
public interface MyDao {
public void updateUsers(User... users);
A. Room modifies a set of entities, given as parameters, in the database. It uses a query that matches against the primary key of each entity.
B. Room removes a set of entities, given as parameters, from the database. It uses the primary keys to find the entities to delete.
C. Room generates an implementation that inserts all parameters into the database in a single transaction.

質問 8:
Custom duration in milliseconds as a parameter for the setDuration method is available when you are working with:
A. Toast
B. Snackbar
C. for none of them
D. for both of them


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