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VMware 5V0-91.20問題集



試験名称:VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills



問題と解答:115 Q&As

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質問 1:
A company wants to implement the strictest security controls for computers on which the software seldom changes (i.e., servers or single-purpose systems).
Which Enforcement Level is the most fitting?
A. Low Enforcement
B. Medium Enforcement
C. High Enforcement
D. None (Visibility)

質問 2:
An analyst wants to block an application's specific behavior but does not want to kill the process entirely as it is heavily used on workstations. The analyst needs to use a Blocking and Isolation Action to ensure that the process is kept alive while blocking further unwanted activity.
Which Blocking and Isolation Action should the analyst use to accomplish this goal?
A. Block Process
B. Log Operation
C. Terminate Process
D. Deny Operation

質問 3:
A Carbon Black administrator received an alert for an untrusted hash executing in the environment.
Which two information items are found in the alert pane? (Choose two.)
A. Launch process analysis
B. User quarantine
C. Launch Live Query
D. Add hash to banned list
E. IOC short name

質問 4:
This search is entered into the process search page: notepad.exe
Which three statements about this query are true? (Choose three.)
A. The search will fail with an error.
B. Only processes named notepad.exe will be returned.
C. A field identifier is required for all criteria within a process search.
D. All processes containing the text notepad.exe in any default field.
E. Processes with registry modifications containing notepad.exe would be retuned.
F. Since a field name is not selected, query performance will be impacted.

質問 5:
An analyst is reviewing an alert in Enterprise EDR from a custom watchlist. The analyst disagrees with the alert severity rating.
How can the analyst change the alert severity value, if this is possible?
A. Change the alert severity on the report.
B. Change the alert severity on the watchlist.
C. The alert severity is not configurable.
D. The alert severity is assigned by the backend analytics.

質問 6:
Carbon Black App Control maintains an inventory of all interesting (executable) files on endpoints where the agent is installed.
What is the initial inventory procedure called, and how can this process be triggered?
A. Initialization; move agent out of Disabled mode
B. Baselining; install the agent
C. Inventorying; enable Discovery mode
D. Discovery; place agent into Disabled mode

質問 7:
An administrator needs to manage a group of sensors from within the console.
Which three actions are available for sensors within the Sensor Group? (Choose three.)
A. Restart
B. Uninstall
C. Share Settings
D. Ban
E. Disable
F. Move to group


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