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VMware 5V0-21.19問題集



試験名称:VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam 2019



問題と解答:100 Q&As

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無料問題集5V0-21.19 資格取得

質問 1:
An administrator is implementing deduplication and compression on a vSAN all-flash cluster.
-There are 4 nodes in the vSAN cluster.
-Existing VMs use a RAID-5 storage policy
How can deduplication and compression be enabled while permitting the VMs to remain operational?
A. Use the Allow Reduced Redundancy option.
B. Enable vSAN datastore encryption.
C. Use explicit fault domains.
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質問 2:
vSAN Health shows a warning icon next to vSAN Disk Balance health check.
What can be done to fix this issue?
A. Click Proactive Rebalance Disks.
B. Enable Resynchronization Throttling.
C. Click Repair Objects Immediately.
D. Reduce the maximum component size.

質問 3:
Which two vSAN Health Check items are included for vSphere Update Manager integration? (Choose two.)
A. Performance data collection
B. vSAN build recommendation
C. Online health connectivity
D. vSAN release catalog up-to-date
E. vSAN object health
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質問 4:
Refer to the exhibit.

A storage administrator is designing a vSAN stretched cluster with production workload running on a preferred site. A VM has been deployed on the preferred site.
How does the VM read I/O?
A. 100 percent from preferred site
B. 100 percent from non-preferred site
C. 50 percent from preferred site and 50 percent from non-preferred site
D. 70 percent from preferred site and 30 percent from non-preferred site

質問 5:
A system administrator running a 6-node cluster is trying to enable the deduplication and compression feature. During the process of switching it on, the General vSAN error occurs.
What is the possible reason the General vSAN error occurred?
A. Force provisioning setting is required.
B. The cluster is a hybrid environment.
C. The cluster is an all-flash environment.
D. Storage policies require FTT=1.

質問 6:
Refer to the exhibit.

A vSAN cluster has recently prompted an online health alarm.
What can the system administrator do to resolve the issue?
A. Upgrade the ESXi host.
B. Disable Customer Experience Improvement Program feature.
C. Move VMs on affected host to other host(s).
D. Suppress warning on the alarm.

質問 7:
In a 10-node hybrid vSAN cluster, each node has seven 4TB magnetic disks and one 2TB SSD.
What is the raw storage capacity of the vSAN datastore?
A. 140TB
B. 280 TB
C. 150TB
D. 300 TB

質問 8:
Which storage policy action results in a component resync?
A. Adding an IOPS Limit rule to a storage policy
B. Enabling object checksum
C. Changing the failure tolerance method
D. Changing object space reservation to thick provisioning


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