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Salesforce Heroku-Architecture-Designer問題集



試験名称:Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer



問題と解答:185 Q&As

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無料問題集Heroku-Architecture-Designer 資格取得

質問 1:
If an Organization member has the operator privilege on an app, that means the user can:
A. Deploy the app
B. Transfer the app to someone else
C. Remove a member from the Organization account
D. Add a paid add-on

質問 2:
Which of the following is a good use case for the Heroku Platform?
A. Customer engagement applications
B. All of these
C. Data manipulation
D. Empowering mobile apps with an API service
E. Proof-of-concept or lab approaches

質問 3:
You can use Heroku Connect for:
A. All of these
B. Bidirectional data replication
C. One-way data replication
D. Data proxy with Salesforce Connect

質問 4:
Universal Containers has a Heroku app that uses Heroku Connect to sync data with their Salesforce org. The app makes frequemt updates to the same records over short period of time, and sync speeds have begun to worsen. An Architect recommends using Heroku Connect's Merged Writes algorithm to improve sync speeds.
What are 2 implications of using the Merged Writes algorithm in this scenario?
A. The Merged Writes algorithm does not support using the Salesforce Bulk API.
B. Relationships such as circular dependencies are known to cause issues.
C. The Merged Writes algorithm does not support using Salesforce SOAP API
D. The Merged Writes algorithm is more likely to approach Salesforce API rate limits.
解説: (Pass4Test メンバーにのみ表示されます)

質問 5:
A client requires that their web application's logs are accessible only from within the same isolated network as the application itself.
Which solution should an Architect recommend in this scenario?
A. Deploy the application to a Private Space. Provide the Private Space's stable outbound IPs to Heroku's Logplex router to block all logs originating from the Private Space.
B. Deploy the application to a Private Space. Connect the Private Space to an on-premise logging system using VPN and specify it as a log drain.
C. Deploy the application to a Shield Private Space with Private Space Logging enabled. Forward logs to a destination within the Shield Private Space.
D. Deploy the application to a Private Space. Enable Internal Routing to prevent the application's logs from being forwarded outside of the Private Space.

質問 6:
Callouts from Salesforce to Heroku can be made using:
A. Web sockets
B. Apex triggers or outbound messages
C. Corba
D. Message bus

質問 7:
Universal Containers wants to give Field Technicians the ability to create follow-up appointments if they are unable to complete a Work Order due to missing inventory What should a Consultant implement to meet this requirement?
A. Implement a Macro to generate Service Appointments on the existing Work Order
B. Implement a Custom Button to Create a Service Appointment on the existing Work Order
C. Implement a Quick Action to create a new Service Appointment on the existing Work Order
D. Implement a Quick Action to create a new Work Order Line item on the existing Work Order

質問 8:
Universal Containers has an initiative to increase customer satisfaction by committing preferred resources to accounts and providing prompt service Which two Scheduling Policies would assist to meet this initiative? (Choose two )
A. Emergency Policy
B. Soft Boundaries
C. High Intensity
D. Customer First

質問 9:
You can use the Salesforce REST APIs to:
A. Access database log files
B. Execute processes as another user
C. Insert or update records
D. Feed your kitten


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