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試験名称:Fundamentals of Business Economics



問題と解答:420 Q&As

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無料問題集BA1 資格取得

質問 1:
The distinguishing feature of a transnational (multinational) company is that
A. its production process uses inputs from more than one country.
B. it exports its products to more than one country.
C. it has shareholders in more than one country.
D. it has production facilities in more than one country.

質問 2:
Which of the following statements about macroeconomic policy objectives is correct?
A. Governments always regard control of inflation as the most important policy objective
B. Conflicts between objectives mean that macroeconomic policy can never be regarded as successful
C. The pursuit of economic growth inevitably increases unemployment
D. Expanding demand to reduce unemployment may mean that the balance of payments worsens

質問 3:
The existence of a natural rate of unemployment means that
A. governments cannot reduce unemployment below this level.
B. the short run Phillips curve is steeper that the long run Phillips curve.
C. nominal wages rise faster the prices in the long run.
D. there is no trade-off between inflation and unemployment in the long run.

質問 4:
The graph shows house prices in Lingford, a large urban town in a prosperous region.

Which of the following would be the equilibrium price for houses in Lingford?
A. £390,000
B. £410,000
C. £400,000

質問 5:
In the foreign exchange market all of the following are sources of demand for a country's currency except one.
Which ONE is the exception?
A. That country's invisible earnings
B. That country's exports
C. Purchases of the currency by the central bank
D. Inflow of capital into that country

質問 6:
If a firm reduces the price of its good from $10 to $8 and, as a result, sales rise from 20,000 per month to
22,000 per month, the price elasticity of demand for its good must be
A. -0.5
B. +1
C. +0.5
D. -1

質問 7:
The government has set a maximum house price due to a massive house price rise in the last decade. This is denoted by the line Q1Q2 on the graph.

Which of the following may occur in light of the introduction of the maximum house price as it appears on the graph?
Select ALL that apply.
A. Landowners will continue to build residential properties at the same rate as before the maximum price was implemented.
B. There will be a shortage of housing supply in Lingford.
C. There will be a surplus of housing supply in Lingford.
D. It is not likely that the maximum house price will need some sort of reform in the near future.
E. A 'black market' may develop in housing, meaning the maximum price is ignored.

質問 8:
Some not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) are required to show they are effective. Which one of the following most closely defines effective?
A. Achieves the goals and objectives set for it
B. Doesn't make losses
C. Finds the correct balance between cost and benefit
D. Conducts its activities and operations at low cost

質問 9:
Company A is looking to protect itself from transaction exchange rate risk.
Company A does not require 100% of the value of transaction to be protected, and it would like the method it uses to have the following characteristics
* An agreed exchange rate for a specified period where both parties have a legal obligation
* A separation of the contract guaranteeing the pnce of the currency from the underlying transaction.
Which of the following would best provide the type of protection from exchange rate risk company A wants?
A. Future
B. Floating exchange rate
C. Option
D. Forward contract


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