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Pegasystems PEGAPCSA85V1問題集



試験名称:Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 85V1



問題と解答:59 Q&As

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質問 1:
In which three situations can you use a data transform? (Choose Three)
A. To create a new property after case creation
B. To set the default arrival date to five days in the future
C. To copy the first and last name properties into a single property value
D. To perform an action that allows the user to update a reservation
E. To set the destination location as the arrival location

質問 2:
Users can select a check box to subscribe to a text messaging service. Selecting the check box displays a field for a user to enter a mobile phone number.
How do you configure the application to display a field for entering a mobile phone number only when the check box is selected?
A. Use a when condition in the flow to branch the flow based on case data.
B. Use a when condition in a data transform to determine whether to show the mobile phone number field.
C. Use a circumstance on the check box property to create a rule variant that is effective when the check box is selected.
D. Use a when condition in the UI form to determine whether to show the mobile phone number field.

質問 3:
A requirement states: The date of birth submitted for first grade students must be at least five years before September 1 of the current year.
Which three validation methods, when applied in combination, satisfy the requirement? (Choose Three)
A. When rule
B. Edit validate rule
C. Validation rule
D. Date data type
E. Calendar control

質問 4:
A requirement states: Loan applicants must enter their annual salary. If the salary is above the qualifying threshold, the application is automatically approved. If the salary is below the threshold, the applicant must identify a cosigner.
Select the two configuration options that follow best practices to meet the requirement. (Choose Two)
A. Design a user view with an annual salary field and a section for cosigner information. Use a Visible When condition to display the cosigner section when the salary is below the threshold.
B. Use a collect information step with an annual salary field. Use a decision shape to determine whether to advance to a step to enter cosigner information or complete the process.
C. Create an assignment step for a loan officer to review the applicant's annual salary and determine if a cosigner is necessary.
D. Design a user view with an annual salary field. Create an optional action to collect information about the cosigner and assign the action to the appropriate stage.

質問 5:
Select each Business Need on the left and drag it to the appropriate Service Level Agreement Interval on the right.


質問 6:
An insurance claim case type is defined as follows:

If the Review claim step is configured to set the status to Pending-Investigation, when is the status of the case set to Pending-Investigation?
A. When the Process claim stage starts
B. When Investigate claim step completes
C. When the Review claim step completes
D. When the Review claim step starts


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