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HP HPE6-A47問題集



試験名称:Aruba Certified Design Professional Exam



問題と解答:70 Q&As

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質問 1:
A customer needs a networking solution that supports their Microsoft Skype for Business Unified Communications (UC) solution. The architect plans to use multiple Aruba APs, switches, and controllers.
The customer wants real time statistics and assessment of call quality. Which component should the architect include to provide these services?
A. Aruba Mobility Master (MM)
B. Aruba ClearPass
C. Aruba Central
D. Aruba AirWare

質問 2:
A customer currently has an Instant AP deployment. Which customer requirement would indicate that the customer needs to add a controller to the deployment?
A. the requirement to provide client-to-site VPN access for remote users
B. the requirement to apply role-based firewall policies
C. the requirement for a cloud-based management solution
D. the requirement for a captive portal for guests

質問 3:
A customer needs a solution to terminate VPN tunnels for Aruba RAPs. The customer has a single site and a single public IP address for this purpose. Network address translation (NAT) will forward the IPsec traffic to the correct device to terminate the VPN tunnel. The customer also requires N+1 redundancy for the solution. Which solution meets the customer requirements?
A. two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 3 cluster
B. two Aruba MCs on different subnets that use VRRP without clustering
C. two Aruba MCs on the same subnet that use VRRP without clustering
D. two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 2 cluster

質問 4:
An architect plans 12 APs for an auditorium that is 325 square meters (3, 498 square feet). Each AP has one 2.4 GHz radio and one 5 GHz radio. Both types of radios use 20 MHz channels.
Assume that DFS channels can be used in this design. How many 5 GHz collision domains does this design provide?
A. 25
B. 12
C. 6
D. 1

質問 5:
Which guidelines should an architect use to determine how many AirWave servers to recommend?
A. One server should be dedicated to the wired infrastructure and one server to the wireless infrastructure.
B. One server should monitor and manage up to about 4,000 infrastructure devices.
C. One server is recommended for the base features and one server each for add-on features such as Clarity.
D. One server should be deployed on every subnet with an infrastructure device.

質問 6:
An architect proposes these products for a customer who wants a wireless and wired upgrade:
* Aruba 2930M switches at the access layer
* Aruba 5406R switches at the core
* Aruba AP-325s
* Aruba 7205 Mobility Controllers (MCs), deployed in a cluster
* Aruba Mobility Master (MM)
* Aruba ClearPass Cx000V
* Aruba AirWave
The architect also needs to propose a security plan for the solution. The customer has 900 employees and up to 30 guests a day. The customer wants to protect the internal perimeter of the network with authentication and simple access controls. The customer is most concerned about wireless security, but also wants to ensure that only trusted users connect on the wire. However, the customer also wants all wired traffic to be forwarded locally on access layer switches. The customer already has a third-party firewall that protects the data center.
The customer wants to use certificates to authenticate user devices, but is concerned about the complexity of deploying the solution. The architect should recommend a way to simplify. For the most part users connect company-issued laptops to the network. However, users can bring their own devices and connect them to the network. The customer does not know how many devices each user will connect, but expects about two or three per-user. DHCP logs indicate that the network supports a maximum of 2800 devices.
Refer to the provided scenario. Which ClearPass licenses should the architect include in the proposal?
A. 3,000 Access licenses (3x1000) and 1000 Onboard licenses
B. 3,000 Access licenses and 3,000 (3x1000) Onboard licenses
C. 1,000 Access licenses and 3,000 (3x1000) Onboard licenses
D. 1,000 Access licenses and 1000 Onboard licenses


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