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HP HPE2-T35問題集



試験名称:Using HPE OneView



問題と解答:155 Q&As

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無料問題集HPE2-T35 資格取得

質問 1:
A system administrator needs to update the firmware in all Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules. This needs to be done during a maintenance window, when the servers are powered off. Which firmware activation setting performs the update in the shortest possible time?
A. custom
B. parallel
C. odd/even
D. serial

質問 2:
What information is required to complete a first time setup of an HPE OneView appliance? (Select two.)
A. Onboard Administrator IP address/subnet mask
B. Virtual Connect IP address/subnet mask
C. Frame Link Module IP ad dress subnet mask for Frame 1
D. appliance host name
E. appliance IP address/subnet mask

質問 3:
A solution architect needs to review the warning statuses before progressing their Synergy deployment. Where should the solution architect click on the HPE OneView interface to view the outstanding server alerts?


質問 4:
A systems administrator needs to add a VLAN to a network set to support a new application. They have added the network to the upstream switch and the Logical Interconnect Group in HPE OneView but traffic is not passing. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. Intelligent Management Center (IMG) has not been updated via REST.
B. The administrator needs to update the Logical Interconnects from the Logical Interconnect Group.
C. The administrator failed to update the state change message bus.
D. The upstream switch doesn't have the VLAN enabled.

質問 5:
What are benefits of the RESTful API for HPE OneView? (Choose two.)
A. REST enables developers and users to create their own apps, or provide integration with other applications
B. REST is a heavyweight toolkit that can create and modify just about any type of resource
C. REST enables automating anything that can be done from the UI using a favorite scripting or programming language
D. REST is an HPE invention built into HPE OneView and iLO that enables management of devices through the Red Fish standard

質問 6:
A customer has a four node ESXi cluster. They update drivers via vCenter Update Manager and want use HPE OneView Server Profile Templates to update the firmware while the systems are online. Click on the place they should select within the server profile template to update the firmware while the systems are online.


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