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Oracle 1Z1-532問題集



試験名称:Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials



問題と解答:77 Q&As

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質問 1:
Which two statements are true when you clear data for accounts via Database Management? (Choose two.)
A. All entities are cleared for the selected accounts.
B. Both base and parent accounts are cleared.
C. Only base-level accounts are cleared.
D. Data is cleared for a selected scenario(s), year(s), period(s) and entity(s).

質問 2:
Financial Management provides enabling technologies to complete which three close processes? (Choose three.)
A. Publish run reports
B. Perform profitability and cost analysis with prebuild allocation templates.
C. Create the annual detail budget.
D. Perform adjustments, translations, intercompany activities, and consolidations.
E. Load data from one or more ledger systems and calculate data.

質問 3:
Custom dimensions may be used to perform
A. B and C
B. Roll forwards
C. Historical Overrides
D. A, B, and C
E. Cash Flows

質問 4:
When designing for Planning and Financial Management, what are the design considerations for dimensions and member?
A. B and C
B. In FM, spaces are allowed in member names while in Planning, spaces are not allowed in member names.
C. In FM, descriptions are not required to be unique while in Planning, aliases must be unique.
D. In FM, spaces are not allowed in member names while in Planning, spaces are allowed in member names.
E. A and C

質問 5:
Before you can define an alias for a dimension or member in EPMA, you must _______.
A. Do nothing; the Alias property is created by default
B. Create an Alias attribute
C. Create an Alias dimension and associate it
D. Create an Alias Property
E. Create an Alias Table

質問 6:
Identify the purpose of using task lists.
A. To create lists of members with VB script
B. To organize and group related tasks into a navigational aid for users
C. To upload user "to do" items to FM with due dates and alert dates
D. To define the review path for consolidation review
E. To list tasks to be executed by the FM Server

質問 7:
You are designing the dimensionality for your Financial Management application. Identify the two true statements about dimensionality in FM. (Choose two.)
A. The preferred method to add detail to accounts is to build subaccounts into the Accounts dimension.
B. Value dimension contains Periodic, year-to-date, quarter-to-date, and any custom members added by the administrator.
C. Scenario dimension contains members such as CYActual, CYBudget, and PYActual.
D. The Intercompany Partner dimension is managed by FM based on settings in the Entity dimension.
E. Value dimension contains Entity Currency, Entity Curr Adj, Entity Curr Total, Parent Currency, and any currency members added by the administrator.


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