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Oracle 1Z0-1068-20問題集



試験名称:Oracle CX Commerce 2020 Implementation Essentials



問題と解答:72 Q&As

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質問 1:
The following code snippet shows the customProperties subobject included in the payments object in the payments object in a sample JSON request payload:

Which two statements describe how the custom properties were included in the request? (Choose two.)
A. Custom properties are specified in the createOrder REST request
B. Custom properties are specified in the config.json file for the gateway extension
C. Custom properties can be added via a custom widget
D. Custom properties are included in the gateway extension's JavaScript

質問 2:
What three tasks, if implemented, can a contact with the storefront role of Administrator perform on a B2B Storefront? (Choose three.)
A. Set product pricing discounts for the Account contract per site
B. Approve or reject a registration request for a contact
C. Specify an order approval threshold value
D. Approve or reject an order that requires approval
E. Create, edit, and delete contacts

質問 3:
In the Commerce Cloud implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel architecture pattern, what does the View represent?
A. Widget HTML template
B. Widget localization string resources
C. Store data, encapsulated in JSON
D. Widget JavaScript
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質問 4:
What are two use cases for fragmenting widgets into elements? (Choose two.)
A. Allow greater control over the position of widget functionally on the storefront
B. Reduce the page load times and improve performance
C. Improve reusability and extensibility of widget code
D. Separate the HTML display template and JavaScript files
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質問 5:
What does a storefront extension package contain?
A. A pointer to the location of the definition of the component
B. A collection of the 3rd party JavaScript libraries that may be referenced by the component
C. All the JavaScript, HTML template, CSS, localization resources, and configuration parameters that define, implement and support the component
D. A copy of the JavaScript, HTML template and CSS resources from the Commerce Cloud source code repository

質問 6:
Consider the following code from the widget.json for a sample custom widget:

For which pages will the widget appear in the Component library in the Design page in the Administration UI?
A. The widget will appear for all pages
B. The widget will appear for all global pages only
C. The widget will not appear for any pages
D. The widget will appear for all product pages only

質問 7:
A storefront developer has just logged into the Commerce Cloud Administration UI and selects the Design page to begin configuring layouts and components for their account-based implementation.
What two key concepts must they understand? (Choose two.)
A. A B2B Storefront implementation can include B2B-specific widgets as well as standard widgets that support both B2B and B2C implementations.
B. Out-of-the-box B2B-specific storefront layouts and associated components must be used for the accountbased implementation and cannot be customized.
C. "Display layout to account shoppers only" must be selected in the layout settings in order to restrict the layout to account-based shoppers only.
D. A B2B storefront implementation can only support one site per Account.


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